Ways to Help Meet the Needs

There are many ways you can join us in the journey to help those around us in need.  Meet the Need, Inc. can use monetary donations as there is an increasing need for assistance in this economy.  We also can use specific items, general store donations, new Christmas gifts, etc.  Meet the Need is looking for those with a heart of service to volunteer and lighten the load.  It takes a lot of hours of hard work and a teamwork attitude to make this organization thrive.

Monetary Donations

In this economy, there are many hurting people.  Most people would much rather be working than having to ask for assistance.  However, with the lack of job prospects, high gas prices, and health issues, many are needing assistance now more than ever.  Your dollars can help us continue to help those needing to get through the crisis time in their life.  Please know that Meet the Need uses each dollar very frugally and no one draws a salary from this volunteer organization.

Become a Volunteer

We are a volunteer organization, and helping our neighbors in need is a big job. There are many opportunities available for just about anyone to get involved. Meet the Need volunteers provide something as simple as warm smile to building a 16,000+ sq. ft. building! More Info

Food Pantry Items

Meet the Need, Inc. gets most of its food from Harvesters.  However, there are many items that we have trouble getting. More info

Personal Hygiene Items

Food stamps don't cover most of these essential items, often taken for granted. More Info

Christmas Store Items

Our Christmas Store provides gifts for children and teens. More Info